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‘Kindness’ – the new ‘Spirituality’ in the global village?!

June 18, 2012

It took a long time for me to become a confident writer on the subject of spirituality after becoming a resident in the Western society (UK).

Why? I was born in Sri Lanka and as a Buddhist. In that culture the word ‘spirituality’ had a deeper meaning of ‘respect – peace and harmony’. But in the West I noted the word was tarnished by terror, anger & suspicion. (When I blog on Spirituality – am I ringing the bells at secret spy operations?!?!).

In a multi-cultural world of the West, I noticed convergence of different religions are not happening to the same degree of convergence of humanity for freedom. We tend to associate with labels of religion than the true meaningful religious practice. Then we begin to identify differences between each other than the commonality. The result is promoting anger, aversion and disrespect for not being a part of x & y religion or culture. Conundrum in the word of ‘spirituality’! (I lost!).

‘It is the human nature to have both positive and negative elements. And it is human capability to empower positive elements to dis-empower negatives!’ – Aung San Suu Kyi (accepting noble peace price, 2012, Oslo).

Over the time, I managed to recognize the bright side. Our common aspirations (aspire for better education), collective creativity (World Wide Web), richness we seek in diversity (master piece of an art work), positive energy in a healthy competition (Olympics), readiness to embrace happiness together (elated crowd at a Football stadium). In that backdrop, how people empower positive spirit: kindness (action of a stranger in the street), act of charity (donating while paying for a beer at the pub), volunteering (sharing labor for common causes).

The word ‘kindness’ is more appropriate in my learning now to express ‘spirituality’ in this evolving multicultural global village. We humans can understand that word – respect it – and connect with it, regardless of our skin color, birth place or language and belief system. Every religion promotes kindness. We are born enjoying the warm kindness of a mother (& a farther). We are protected in the streets by the discipline of kind majority (isn’t that why streets are more secure in day light than lonely nights). Isnt that ‘kindness’ the new word to replace ‘spirituality’ in this global village!?!?!

(You are most welcome to share your insight. Thank you for helping my learning curve!)