Vandana Nadaya (Fusion Community)

(Vandana Nadaya is the group who goes on a spiritual mission. They devote their time, resources, share affection and skills, and go on a common journey). Fusion community is recognized as Vandana Nadaya.

Fusion community involves whoever interested to engage, learn, contribute and interact with Fusion.

Fusion values system:

  • Interest to serve other people.
  • Interest to admire holistic, integral and inter-dependant nature of spirituality, culture, nature, development and technology.
  • Interest to admire optimism, peace and harmony.
  • Readiness to share time, energy, skills and thoughts
  • Respect to diversity of cultures, religions, ethnicity, gender

Ground rules:

  • Essentially non-violent
  • Respect to diverse opinions
  • Impartiality at expressing own opinions
  • Respect to diversity of gender, culture, religion and ethnicity.

How to become a member of the community:

You can be a volunteer contributor, (Online or Physical) or else be a donor. For details pl visit >> Fusion, Getting Involved


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  1. Fusion | Fusion Says:

    […] Pl read the > Value system and Ground rules […]

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