Bo tree

Load buddha attained Nibbana under the Bo tree. Since then, buddhists treated this tree with extreme respect. Every temple has a bo tree. People sit under the tree, and meditate, chant (pray), make their wishes, pay their homage to the tree.

Fusion Bo tree – may try to replicate the same spirit in fusion space. This page may be devoted for Meditation guidance.




6 Responses to “Bo tree”

  1. smilingharsha Says:

    Make meditation a daily habit. If you want to live a meaningful life, this habit is a must.

    It took years for me to develop this habit. For the early stage, though I wanted to meditate I could not sit for a proper meditation as a habit. I wanted to learn it, but I had many other important things taking the priority. (Foolish me).

    Yet, I kept telling myself, every morning and every night, I will cultivate this habit. (That will made me feeling guilty almost every night, if I dont try to sit for a meditation).

    That guilty feeling is very important at early stage of cultivating meditation practice.

  2. smilingharsha Says:

    To cultivate the Meditation habit, there are two key fundamentails needed to be cultivated;
    1. time
    2. place

    Time > the hr (morning 6am or evening 10pm for eg). – this time of the day should be registered and dedicated in our daily calendar for meditation. (No matter how many other priorities demand, keep this as the supreme priority).

    Place > a proper place where you sit for meditation. (This must be a place with minimum disturbances, pleasent place, relatively clean place). Not necessary to be a budu medura. But should not be the kitchen either.

    For each meditation, one should sit in this same place, every day. Dont keep changing the place. And should sit facing the same side every day.

    To decide / chose such appropriate time and place, one has to carry out few experiments for some period of time. Gradually you begin to realize appropriate time and place.

  3. smilingharsha Says:

    In order to cultivate meditation practice, one has to do some persistant mind preparation. Cultivating Shraddha is very helpful at this stage.

    Shraddha is the strong passion to Dhamma. It is an emotional state, but a very powerful state of mind, which prepares it for meditations.

    When you visit a temple, you begin to experience a beutiful healthy feeling, especially at Budumedura, or under the Bo tree. Some times with the smell of incense floating through wind, mixed with burning smell of oil lamps, such feeling creep into the mind. This is Shraddha.

    One has to nurture feeling of Shraddha, as a strategic way to strengthen the desire to meditation.

    Frequent / regular visits to buddhist temple is one way to do this. (Make sure you visit alone, not with a company of gossip makers).

    Other way is reading Buddhist books. Especially the books written on Buddha Charitaya is a best way to cultivate shraddha.

  4. smilingharsha Says:

    Try to practice Five precepts. Abstain from killing, Abstain from stealing, Abstain from sexual mis-conduct, Abstain from lying, Abstain from alcohol.

    Recall at every moment that you are a true practitioner of Five precepts. (That itself is a big achievement). Remembering of such practice adds a lot of spirit to your own spiritual mindset. That helps to nurture the strong mind required to cultivate meditation.

  5. smilingharsha Says:

    When you walk through a bo-tree (inside a temple) you may hear beautiful rhythmic prayers. Almost at every corner, at every passing step, some woman, monk or a child sit under the tree and praying loudly the buddhist sutras. Just listen to them…how soothening..!

    Make it a habit to pray ‘Thun Sutraya’ daily basis. ‘Thun Sutraya’ (triple prayers) are the most powerful among thousands of sutras available in Thripitaka.

    Mahamangala Sutrya, Ratana Sutraya and Karaniya-metta Sutraya – together makes ‘Thun Sutraya’.

    It is not essential to understand their meanings. (as they are in Pali). Just mere preaching them (in Pali words) (not as translated forms) alone adds a huge spirit to your work. But, if you can understand the meaning, when you preach them, that would make it more powerful.

    When you cultivate the habit of praying Thun Sutra daily basis, that conditions your mind for easy meditation.

    Try to pray – these sutras before begining meditation. For an early meditator, that makes life easier.

  6. smilingharsha Says:

    I heard many friends telling the same thing. ‘I try meditation – but it is impossible to keep the mind. First few seconds may be possible. But next moment it goes everywhere’.

    This is a common frustrating point for any beginner. We all go through this tuff battle. Remember, we had the same battle when our parents took us to the kindergarten. Most of us cried as kids, because we used to stay with our parents, enjoying all the freedom and affection. But, kindergarten demanded new discipline which we found difficult to face with. Yet, what happened next. We started enjoying it.

    Likewise, early meditation is like – entering to kindergarten. It needs to train our mind, to get use to its own patterns.

    Wondering mind is usual. Just observe the way it wonders. Do not expect the mind to stop. This expectation is the root for frustration. Just be there. But live with determination – to sit for a regular meditation, every day. The mind will begin to settle down.

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