Happiness Matrix – a tool for empowering Fusion team

It all began as a response to the negative symptoms: staff falling sick, losing team work, irregular attendance! (see my early blog post).

Back in Sri Lanka – (on July 2011), we decided to organize a retreat to avoid this. We went to a scenic training facility (Sarvodaya- Education center at Bandaragama) and spent two full days reflecting – criticizing – and ultimately engaging to recognize our common aspirations: how to remain happy as a team while serving the poor communities (e-Empowerment)?

Our awakening process began. The problems are within ourselves: our perspective – our thought process!

We went back to the drawing board: the teaching of Lord Buddha – ‘Arya Ashtangika Magga‘  – (Eight fold noble path of virtue).

1. Correct perspective (Samma Ditti)

2. Correct thoughts (Samma sankappa)

3. Correct words (Samma vacha)

4. Correct action (Samma kammantha)

5. Correct livelihood (Samma ajiva)

6. Correct effort (Samma wayama)

7. Correct concentration (Samma sathi)

8. Correct peace and happiness (Samma samadhi)

We have managed to develop a matrix – one that combined two interpretations of both Correct (Samma) and Wrong (Mitya). For instance, our Fusion Education programme offers ICT education packages through rural telecentres. A package is offered for a fee (47% cheaper than average price in the market) and over 1000 rural youth and children sign up for this programme annually. As a Fusion team member how do we interpret that action?

One interpretation – Fusion Education contributes to a charitable cause (provision of education to needy). – Samma Ditthi (Correct perspective)

One also can argue – Fusion Education as a business to generate money (children has to pay a fee – it is not free). – Mithya Ditthi (Wrong perspective). (from a social enterprise and sustainability perspective).

Well – ‘Happiness Matrix’ is still a beta version, and lot of improvements were needed to replicate it. And for some it is overly academic. Yet, we have found Happiness Matrix provides a tool – for our team members to review and reassess ones own action against our own ethical and moral fiber. That tremendously empowered each member in their own judgement into their action!

(If you are interested to learn more about the Happiness Matrix – please drop us an e-mail: harsha@fusion.lk. We are happy to share our learning resources).


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