Transcending frustrations – (detoxification of minds)

I returned home from Geneva, after a happy – busy – successful business visit. The International Conference that I was invited was full of promising events, and had the opportunity to meet with promising multi-national organisations. But, out of all busy meetings, most interesting one was meeting with Gaya – Lalani and Laskshman, the Sri Lankans living at Geneva. Our long dinners always ended up in spiritual discussions.

As usual, I was about to start a follow up mail chase with potential leads, clients….and friends. But, for some unknown reason, I started feeling that I should slow down…(some fear starting accumilating inside my mind without any reason though)..while my logical  mind was counter arguing to continue with momentum that seems to be heading for success.  It was like putting breaks into an express train. But, I was determined that I should slow down, thus started to engage with gardening, seeing a film with family…and making reasons to put away computer and internet (my  office & personal secretariat).

Then I notice following morning all the ‘green lights’ of my Gmail chat space is empty. Those green lights are my fellow team members of Fusion, whom I used to see every morning, when I wake up at Canterbury UK to check the mails…as I see green lights…I visualise the office the busy faces …and the way they spend busy hours in mid day Sri Lanka, wathching the green coconut canopies from third floor of Fusion office. But, I could not find any help, every inquiry mail I drafted ended in a black-hole. (Alarm bells ring…!!?!?).

Work of Serendipity

My mind was still fresh with Lalani and Lakshman and I thought I should buy Thich Nhat Hanh’s Peace is Every Step for them…especially to share my gratitude for the delicious sandwitches that Lalani made for me just before dropping at the Airport. And my google search ended up in beautiful readings about Thich Nhat Hanh’s life story. The book I bought at arrived at door steps two days later, and that has become a peace builder immediately within my teenage daughters.

“In our busy society , it is a great fortune to breath consciously from time to time……while we practice our conscious breathing our thinking will slow down, and we can give ourselves a real rest” – (p11 Hanh)

Flower bed

I started doing a long flower bed, as a way to distract me from office work. All the day long, I dug the soil and removed heavy piles of concrete pieces, left overs from new house construction.  My hands are too soft and not ready for heavy digging. They were so painful. And suddenly I noticed I am breaking an ant colony. My youngest family helper  – Asini, reappeared telling…’shall I throw some suger to attract ants?’. How come I did not get that wisdom, when I was struggling to dig the holes without breaking their colony. I was too late, and still feel sad…that I did not consult others to find a solution to get away from ants.

My google calendar remain blank, as I felt I should not plan. Still the ‘green dots’ are dormant, so does inbox. It took another two days to realize five members of the team are sick, and two are admitted to hospital. I felt sad, alarmed and unhappy…as I cant do much from the distance. It is unpleasent feeling..but I felt I should read it carefully and treat it carefully.!

“If we face our unpleasant feelings with care, affection and non-violence, we can transform them into the kind of energy that is healthy and has the capacity to nourish us”. (p52 – Hanh)

As usual, I sat for meditations, and continued distributing mettha to all of them.

(This lead to the Fusion’s Happiness Programme! I will blog about Happiness Programme later).


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