Silence – a noble enjoyment

When I visit Sarvodaya Vishva Niketan – years ago (2000), I noticed the sign posted by Dr Ari, – ‘please maintain noble silence’. It reminded me multiple readings .

‘Learn to enjoy Noble Silence’ – Rev Thich Naart Haanh.

Yet, I could not fully comprehend it. But I noticed one thing, every time I walk with somebody to Vishva Niketan (meditation centre of Sarvodaya), we all tend to automatically switch into silent mode, closing all our chatter. Then we tend to walk through small paths, through the woods, and when we arrive at the statue of Load Buddha, we tend to fall dead silent (despite considerable noise from the nearby road).

Over the years I used to enjoy this …..walking through silence.

Now, sitting at home (in UK), most of my mornings are periods of lengthy silence. I realize this is the most joyful part of my day.

Am I enjoying birds? no, any other subtle noise…hidden inside silence? no. But this silence has a power to awaken certain spiritual faculties. It cuts down certain unhealthy emotions (eg unnecessary excitements, aversion), and nurture concentration (Sathi). Thus allow me to be watchful on my own mind, while engage with work. (working meditation?).

It is not that easy to train the mind to enjoy the noble silence. But once you train it – you may find the noble silence even sitting next to a jet engine!


One Response to “Silence – a noble enjoyment”

  1. rohangerald Says:

    I can certainly relate to the thoughts on Nobel Silence at Vishva Niketan. When ever I am disturbed, I direct my thoughts to the beautiful experience of Nobel Silence on the wooded pathways leading to the statue of Lord Buddha at Vishva Niketan and that peace is replicated in my mind that very moment.

    My sincere grattitude to Brother Uggalla who taught me how observe nobel silence.

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